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Wildlife cam

What the Wildlife Cam is doing for science is the same as what the film and photo did for Human history. Before we could actually write and record events in books as to archive, future generations had no way of learning or knowing what had happened prior in their lives, and had no way to learn about history, or how to analyze and interpret it.
Before film and photos were invented, we could look at the written record, but we couldn’t actually see it or analyze it. We could only rely on the author’s interpretation. Film and photo changed everything. We could see what exactly had happened and these two together gave us a far better detailed understanding of what really went on with human civilization.
Now, we are at a similar place in understanding the lives of animals. Scientists have GPS, Satellite transmitters, VHF tracking systems and other means to know where animals might go, but what behavior they are actually exhibiting or why they are there, is nothing more than assumptions. We have no way of knowing what animals do when they are in remote parts of our world and away from humans,  simply because we cannot see them.
There are great Wild life documentaries, but  are not really representation of an animal’s life. Usually film makers pick the most  interesting parts to dazzle their audience and they only have a short period of time to tell the animal’s story. It is a snap shot of what is happening. With the presence of a cameraman in the dynamic, it isn’t undisturbed natural behavior that cinematographers are capturing, but a representation of it.